We put the quotations in seasoning blends – Behold our 3 day Sale!

What’s that you say Mr. Woofenstein?

“Woof, Woof Woof!”

You don’t say… What did you sniff out?

Oh.. Good dog! What a bargain… a 15% discount on all orders through…

Monday, December 21st!

Place your order by midnight Monday (EST)

Don’t delay… place your order today!

That’s a 3 day sale and some change, so don’t delay, put Rite on Thyme seasoning blend in your rotation today!

Your meal will POP with Flavor that you can see and smell… if you like it, will you go and tell?

As for Mr. Woofenstein? We don’t speak dog, but we think that is why he barked 3 times, no?

Would this face steer you wrong?

Don’t delay… place your order today!

Published by riteonthymeseasoning

Rite on Thyme is made with a combination of savory herbs and spices.

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