From the Rite on Thyme Food Diaries – They really like us!

Imagine our surprise to discover that the Author and Food Blogger Shun P. Writes was smitten with our seasoning blend!

He has an interesting niche that he says pairs well with our seasoning blend, a niche best described as a collective fusions of:

Pescatarian, Vegetarian and Vegan options – he normally prefers using salt free seasonings and fresh herbs, but after getting a taste of our blend.

He was hooked.

When we spoke to him, he said and I quote…

“Lawd hellllpppp me… Jesus be a fence and build me a heart from scratch, this seasoning is the truth!” … we had to pause our discussion to make sure he was okay… and he was. He even said he was going to write a poem about us, might we have something here?

He even sent us… Photos!

Straight from the mouth of the Food Blogger Mr. Writes…

Don’t take our word for it… He said he threw this together and it was… Right on Thyme!

He said that we supercharged his Double Green Tomato Salmon Croquette Cheddar and Egg Sandwich (Photo credit: Shun P. Writes)

That said…

Free feel to give us a try.

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And… while you’re at it place an order and find out why – Our seasoning will Make Your Taste Buds Do a HAPPY DANCE!

Do NOT lick the screen… Buy a bottle instead!

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Rite on Thyme is made with a combination of savory herbs and spices.

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